Rolling` a Better Edge in Craps

Craps is a game of chance. Players have less control over the outcome than playing, for example, Blackjack or Poker. That said, according to some people there is a way you can increases your chances at a live craps table and decrease the house edge, albeit only slightly.

If youve ever been to a craps table at a live casino, you may have come across a player or two who paid much more attention to the dice when it was his turn to roll (excluding lucky blow rituals and the like) than others. Perhaps you even noticed that he/she had more success than other rollers. Well, most likely, these players were trying to develop an advantage through a technique called rhythm rolling.

Rhythm rolling at craps involves changing the physical phenomena of the game. To do this, you learn how to throw the dice in such a way as to minimize the number of losing sevens being thrown after the point number is established. You then achieve an advantage by throwing less than one 7 for every six rolls of the dice after the point has been determined.

Were not saying of course that you or anyone else can roll the numbers you like each time based on a technique. Actually, were not even saying you can do it 20% of the time. The point is, however, if you can do it even once in a while – through a solid and practiced technique – you CAN decrease the houses edge enough to significantly add to your winnings.

If you work out the mathematics of dice control, you will find that it only takes one controlled throw every 43 rolls of the dice to eliminate the house edge for the 6 and 8 place bets. Thats not much. The losing seven will show about 1x in 6, or 7x in 42 rolls of the dice.

In other words, if you can average 43 throws during point cycles, with the losing 7 showing seven times, instead of the mathematically expected 42 rolls and seven 7s, that one extra roll eliminates the house edge. From there, you enter the advantage zone.

To avoid the losing 7 would be a incredible power to have at the table and thats more or less what dice control is all about to set and throw the dice in such a way as to avoid the losing 7 during the point cycle when your objective is to repeat the number you threw on the come out roll.

Most of the time hot shooters and hot tables do indeed just occur by chance although, according to some people, experienced rhythm rollers can actually create them. Dice control does just that by developing a rhythm roll that turns the tables on the casino, swings the advantage to you the shooter, and gives you the means of creating a hot craps table.

How do you do it then?? Well, take a while to examine other shooters and see if you can notice any patterns in their throwing motion(s). Basically, youre looking for the same release each time and you want to see some elevation on the throw. After the launch, as the dice dip down towards the table, you want to see them landing approximately the same distance before the back wall each time. If the dice are skipping down the table, you are looking at a random throw. Make it a habit of studying the other shooters and you may find one that delivers an advantage.

Since each person has developed different techniques for their own personal rhythm roll, start out taking advantage of this phenomena by betting on players who exhibit it well. Then, if youre still interested, try and develop your own technique as well and see if you cant get other players to start betting on you as well!!