PS3: Things you didn’t know, you didn’t know!

Well what a bummer! After all my efforts to secure a humongous house sized transformer to supply the black box with 100 volts of electricity and 380 watts of energy it now turns out I could have saved my bloody money after all!

According to online sources it appears that even though the Japanese Playstation 3 is marked up on the back as requiring 100v @ 3.8amps in actual fact when you strip one down the power supply inside is a universal 100-240v model! Now the only problem here is actually plucking up the courage to plumb it straight into my 240 volt supply and try it.

I am tempted to un-hook my transformer and give it a whirl as some of the reports actually say you get a better/brighter screen image working at the higher voltage but I’m just too scared! Have I got the only Japanese PS3 with a 100v power supply inside? Will I plug it in only to find pieces of it embedded in next doors garden from the force of it’s cell processor going nuclear? Will I survive the blast?

What do you think folks? Deal or No Deal? Transformer or No Transformer?

I’m cautious about blowing up my Playstation 3 just yet though as I have now secured a copy of Motor Storm which should be with me any day now. I’m really looking forward to this as the demo is simply sublime. The chance to race on a variety of tracks and do it in loads of different vehicles including big meaty trucks is a temptation too great! The only downside is that this Japanese release does not feature any online play. Online play will appear when the PS3 launches in Europe some time around September 2010 apparently…..

So, I’ve read all those posts. Viewed all those blogs and seen all those pictures of the power supply saying 100-240v input… what should I do? Firstly, is there really a reason to bother doing it as the system is working fine already? Well yes, it would be nice to get rid of that huge plastic lump from under the desk and then I could flog it on eBay to some less knowledgeable Japanese PS3 owner and recoup some of my dosh!

After much ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ I searched my ‘spaghetti junction’ drawer for a power cord and duly pulled the transformer’s lead out of the back of Ethel – that’s my name for my PS3 by the way, like a kind old Auntie who can’t remember your name so you have to keep reminding (updating) her every day when you meet up – plugged in the standard lead and then slowly slid it into the socket whilst reciting the lord’s prayer and renouncing all the works of the devil, all hands on deck!

Hang on, Look! The standby light is on! I’m alive! Huzzah! Gingerly I touched the power button and bugger me if it didn’t start up just like old times! That familiar sound of an orchestra tuning up and bingo XM-Bar at the ready. It works! I haven’t killed it! Unlucky Mr Shady sir, PS3 is trying to rule the world with its one size fits all internal power supply after all. Now I just need to find some muppet to buy mine and I’m laughing again!

Oh and in case you were wondering, the display seems just the same as before so obviously the graphics output chips don’t really give a hoot how many volts they get do they, despite what some people seem to be claiming. Right eBay, here I come!