Playstation 3 Review

Howdy Playstationy interested type folks…..

Just a quick one here to say I’ve now had to download another bloody operating sytem update! Holy crap Batman, I’m going to need a bigger download package on my broadband at this rate! Apparently this latest update fixes a host of 1080i/1080p related display issues when the system is used on an SD-TV. Something along the lines of if you hooked up to the SD-TV but had the wrong settings the PS3 got all confused and you ended up with an unwatchable picture being output at a resolution the TV couldn’t handle and no way of changing it.

To be honest I can’t see too many people spending their life savings on a PS 3 only to watch it on an Amstrad portable telly myself but hey, who am I to judge?! Amongst the other little fixes we have now been given the option to ‘reformat the hard drive’ and start afresh with a bare console again. Only problem there will be if it scrubs all those bloody updates and you have to download them all again but as far as I know they are transferred to flash memory so you might be saved that little task thank god!

On the subject of Hard Drives I have to applaud (Yes applaud!) Sony for their decision to use an ordinary notebook Hard Drive in the PS3 along with allowing you access to it and even supplying instructions on how to install a new larger one. It seems a bit arse about face really, Sony the king of proprietary formats allowing such simple changes whilst Microsoft puts their drive in a special caddy and won’t tell us if there is a bigger one ever going to come or not…. strange.

That’s all for this brief update/gripe today folks! Don’t forget tomorrow is Wii day and we’ll all need to watch Cockeye’s Blog for up to the minute details!

Well I haven’t actually turned the black shiny monster on for a week so imagine my disappointment when I discovered that I have missed System Update number 6, Version 1.30.

Damn! I was looking forward to that one too! Oh well never mind the good news in from Sony is that I can have update number 7 today instead! 

Yes Version 1.31 is now up for download! Holy crap, perhaps if I don’t turn the PS3 on for another 3 months it might finally be fixed by version 34.95?

Talk about extended Beta testing, I need Sony to give me a refund for the over download limit usage charges from BT Broadband I reckon….

Nothing else exciting this week in PS3 land, more news as it happens. Or when I can be arsed turning it on maybe! At least Motor Storm is due out this week, now I need to find a Japanese supplier for it!