Legality of Gambling Business

Unfortunately, once the subject of online gambling is raised, folks immediately bring up the question of its legality. While different jurisdictions have different laws and circumstances, generally speaking the two topics, nonetheless, seem to go hand-in-hand.

Accordingly, we’d like to welcome you to the ‘legality section’ of our blog, where we try to provide a broad picture in terms of the main legal issues associated with online gambling and those that any player should be aware of. What follows, however, does not represent a definitive or comprehensive analysis of the subject but merely an introduction of sorts that should provide a bit of background and a general outline of the current legal environment.

The information here has been divided into two parts: one for the EU and the other for the US, as sharp differences exist between the two regions. Furthermore, laws regarding online gambling can be quite unclear at times; this is especially the case for the US and increasingly so for the EU. Quite naturally, it is important for all players, regardless of their nationality, to be aware of the legal foundations of online gambling.

In the case of the EU, European Union officials have taken a pretty clear pro-online gambling position and even though some individual member states have attempted to legislate on the activity, bans are generally prohibited and run counter to EU law which must feature conformity across the Union. In the US, for a long time, attempts were made to legislate against online gambling, but such attempts were generally made on a state-by-state basis and they all focused on different laws and practices regarding online gambling. Until recently, the activity was generally considered a legal grey area (especially in the US). Recent anti-gambling US legislation and the UIGEA, however, has changed all of that.

The material presented below is aimed at presenting you an overview of the various laws that have been voted through regarding the activity of online casinos. As mentioned above, this section does not pretend to be perfectly comprehensive and should not be treated as legal advice. We do hope, however, that you will find it useful!

Disclaimer: is not a legal authority. In no way should the information presented here be regarded as formal legal advice. All of the information given on these pages has been taken from several assorted news releases and articles and its accuracy is not guaranteed. For more accurate and formal information considering the legality of online gambling, consult the specific laws of the area in which you reside or jurisdiction in which you are playing.